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Zebco Bulben 30g &24g Spoon

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Product description Zebco Bulben 30g &24 gSpoon


The new Zebco Bulben inline spoons prove that forward-looking developments such as “lead-free” and “inline line guides” do not have to be unattractive! The inline guide is protected internally with a Teflon tube, allowing the spoon to be fished even with thin leaders without the rotating spoon damaging the leader. The lure is also supplied with a ready-made fluorocarbon leader and a high-quality carbon steel treble in a suitable size. The target species of this lure is, of course, the sea trout but it is also excellently suited to modern tuna, bass and even freshwater asp fishing.


- Weight: 30 g &24g

Do you love nautical and fishing? Get your Zebco Bulben 30g & 24gSpoon and enjoy your leisure activities with the security and confidence which Zebco gives you. Don´t forget that we have an great range of Lures for all sizes and weather conditions. In order to give you the most effective nautical and fishing models possible, most of our Spoons items have been designed in collaboration with the pros!