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Wizard Samurai 4000FD Spinning Reel

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Many anglers are already using the Wizard Samurai spinning rods successfully. The Samurai Spin reel is a new member of the series. There could be no complaints about its appearance, as it’s been given a neon green style that suits the series. The reel features a lightened body. Besides the aluminum spool, the handle is also made of metal. The knob ensures comfortable grasp even after hundreds of casts, which is a considerable characteristic of good spinning reels.

 This is a super smooth reel with an excellent front drag system. Thanks to its unique features, it prevents aggressive fish from ejecting. Adjusting the drag before fishing is highly recommended. You can easily set the drag tighter when playing fish.


2000 5+1 0,25/245 253g 5,2:1
3000 5+1 0,25/245 272g 5,2:1
4000 6+1 0,30/225 296g 5,5:1