Baracuda Fishing Tackle

Westin Mike The Pike

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  • Pike are the ultimate cannibals – why compete with other natural-born killers when you can simply eat them? Mike the Pike is designed to be the ultimate prey for the meanest alpha predators out there. Amazingly life like down to the smallest detail. The detailed pectoral and pelvic fins flutter in the water to trigger more bites. And with his low buoyancy, he rises slowly to the surface when you pause the retrieve. A natural-born killer.

    • Lead free
    • Hook size:  # 3/0
    • Japanese stylecarbon steel hooks
    • Running depth: 2-4 m
    • Slide Lock easy tochange connection
    • Life-Like lure
    • Optional eyeletsfor shallow or deep water use (only on 28cm)
    • Full eyelet-to-hook wire construction

    Weight:  28 cm 185g