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Savage Gear VIB BLADE

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Long casting finesse blade, that vibrates and flashes on retrieve and swims away from the centerline on the drop! Super flashing and alluring action, that can be fished in several ways – covering midwater and bottom areas – both in current and still water. The lure has 3 attach points, that have different vibrating actions – the further back lure is attached, the more vibrating. Stainless steel Blade, with ultra-sharp trebles- perfect lure for Perch, Pike, Zander, asp and trout!

• Long casting blade
• Vibrating and flashing
• VMS – vivid movement system
• Multiple attach points
• Super sharp and strong Salter water trebles

Available in 4.5cm 8.5g and 5.5cm 14g 
• Hooks: 4.5cm 8.5g ST66 #14 BN
• Hooks: 5.5cm 14.5g ST66 #10 BN