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Tungsten Jig Rig Weights

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The tungsten weight of the Tungsten Sinker Jig-Rig is made specifically for fishing with the spaced equipment of the same name.

This shape of the load ensures that the bait is raised above the bottom, which in turn increases the likelihood of a bite, because the fish will not have to look for the bait or lift it from the bottom, and the properties of tungsten will allow them to more accurately sense the load touching the bottom, which will have a positive effect on the efficiency of the retrieve. Also, the “ringing” of tungsten can become an additional attractive factor when fishing on a rocky bottom. An equally decisive factor is the size of the equipment. Thanks to the properties of this metal, the tackle becomes thinner and more elegant

These weights are available in weights: 1.8g, 3.5g,5.3g,7.1g Sold individually