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Timar Mix Seeds

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Timar Mix Seeds  1kg  is a popular food the carp and large white fish. The contents of the bag you can use immediately fishing or Bait. Cooked corn with honey flavor is a top seller under the bait. Ideal for carp fishing, but also for Red Eye and bream a very good bait. Can be used pure or as addition to the lining. As well as some much start all over again Easy to use, on the water the packaging open and you're ready for it with the fishing.
Contents per bag:
1 pack (1 kg) Timar Mix Seeds corn Honey
1 pack (1 kg) Timar Mix Seeds Natural Corn
1 pack (1 kg) Timar Mix Seeds Natural Sweet Red
1 bag (1 kg) Timar Mix Seeds 7 grain mix pre-cooked