Baracuda Fishing Tackle


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The liquid aromas provide us with an extra attractive effect during the mixing of the feed material.

To the water intended for mixing, add the amount of flavor you want to use and mix it into our feed.

This is important because the liquid and, through it, the aroma substances are distributed evenly.

Another important question is how much aroma to add to our feed.

The 250 ml Tímár mix liquid aroma is sufficient to mix an average of 3 kg of feed material.

Of course, we can deviate from this value if we want to add too much aroma (e.g. in winter) or, on the contrary, if we want to add less aroma to our feed (in the case of intensively feeding fish in summer).

Our aroma can also be used to flavor seeds (corn, wheat).

Baits soaked in this often prove to be more effective than their natural counterparts.