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PikeCraft The Swivel Rig

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The Swivel Rig | Bait Size16-20cm 1/0

The Swivel Rig Bait Size  18-25cm  2/0

2x Stinger Rig with BKK BT621-SS Treble Hook

The Swivel Stinger System with additional treble hook to fit The System Shallow Screw
1 Snap Ring Oval HD 1.1wire
Double Swivel HD Quality 80lbs
Treble Swivel HD Quality 80lbs
2 Bait Pin L Stinger Pin Spike
2 snap rings HD 1.1wire
2 each extra sharp BKK Spear Super Slide BT621-SS | HIGH END Super Sharp & Super Strong - SS couting
Handmade in Germany
2 pcs per Pack