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Stingers for your softbaits, 
Product Information
The BKK Spear-21 SS (formerly Fangs BT621-SS) is a versatile treble hook for many different applications and fish species. The wide range of hook sizes allows the Spear-21 SS to be used for almost any type of freshwater fishing.

The combination of the hook's shape and thin wire (1X) allows the hook to penetrate the fish's mouth quickly and easily. The sharp hook point and Super Slide Coating make hooking much easier. These features make the BKK Spear-21 a true competition hook.

The robust carbon steel (BKK 81-WV) ensures long-lasting strength even after many bites and the moderate length of the hook shank allows the Spear-21 to be used in a variety of ways. The Spear-21 SS is recommended for both ambitious hobby anglers and tournament anglers.

  • Supplied in 2-packs
  • Available in sizes 1/0 - 2/0 - 3/0 
  • Fits lures between 18-23 cm and 23-30cm
  • Stinger System 1.2 mm stinger spike
  • Wire of 80 lbs AFW Steel Leader
  • AFW Single Barrel Crimps copper wire lock
  • Bait Pin L Stinger Spikes
  • 2 split rings (45 kg) | 1 oval split ring for attachment
  • 2 extra sharp BKK-Spear Super Slide BT621-SS
  • Handmade in Germany