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PikeCraft The Screw

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The System SET3 Shallow Screw Set 4 pieces or 10 pieces per pack

The perfect presentation for your big baits. No rotation due to the patented angle of the spiral, which puts the eye higher than the rotation axis of the bait.
Best quality 1,2mm Stainless Steel wire.
Flexible interchanging of hooks and weights, minimized storage space
  • 4 pieces per pack also available in 10 pieces per pack 
  • Perfect run on soft baits, shads and curly tails
  • No rotation of the bait possible
  • PTS interchangeable leads suitable from 5-40gr
  • Protected angle of the spiral | DBGM
  • High quality stainless steel spring wire, 1,2mm
  • Large core of Shallow Screw (spiral) and protected pitch, no coring of bait
  • Environmentally friendly, as less lead is used
  • Flexible, as interchangeable lead
  • Clean Tackleboxes
  • Made in Germany