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Pikecraft Quick Pin

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Another novelty from Pikecraft for more flexible fishing,

which revolutionizes fishing with trailer hooks!

The pin allows the attachment of trailer hooks to spinnerbait trailers or large chatterbait trailers and jig hooks fished with a trailer hook,

but also for pelagic fishing with thinner treble hooks the MEDIUM size can be used

The pin is pressed into the bait and remains in the bait (for a better hold fix it with superglue, so it can no longer slip out)

The pin is made of fiber reinforced plastic compound, thus also flexible.

Application for trailer hooks

-there the Trailer Hook is held directly on the trailer by the Quick Pin and prevents the trailer hook from hanging next to the bait or not being in place at all during the cast or similar.

The hook can freely follow the movement of the trailer and releases the hook when biting!

Application in pelagic fishing

-there the pin holds the hook on the bait, and no hook tip is in the bait anymore and can destroy it by pulling it out. All 3 hook tips are free (for better bite yield), and the hook is released from the pin when the hook from the pin.

Fish Flexible...Fish The System

  • 4 pcs per Pack
  • Faserverstärkter Kunststoff-Compound
  • Patented at DPMA
  • Made in Germany

Patented at DPMA Made in Germany Utility model protected and registered at the German Patent Office