Dam Effzett


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Dam Effzett swim blade the Effzett swim blade is based on a completely new concept of of artificial bait with vibration wings that have been shaped and Flüchtende bait fish imitate as lifelike as possible. These are the strong vibrations and wide ausbrechende tail action the swim blades differs from the Apart from standard piece metal bait that are normally a very tight, aggressive behaviour. Even though the Effzett swim blade but can be wiped clean with a hook at the belly is equipped and thus does not tail hook has, the Hakquote is extremely high. Reason for this is the split body designed to virtually Zusammenfaltet, if a fish the bait Attackiert. The swim blade works best when combined with medium to high risk of speed, place and as a projectile through the water flies. The perfect bait for ASP, perch and pike. Metal – Innovative concept split artificial bait with vibration blades for realistic body shape attention to detail – Aggressive, vibrating and wide Ausflankende in – Environmentally friendly construction without lead – ultra sharp Effzett drilling behaviour: fast-sinking

  • Effzett Swim blade
  • Colour: Fire Tiger
  • Length: 10 cm
  • Weight: 34g
  • Diving Depth: 1 – 5 m