Stroft GTM Mono 100m

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The tuning focus is on the tensile strength values ​​while optimizing highly elastic suppleness. This process, which is constantly being developed, mainly involves modifications of the now multi-stage tempering process. Hence the abbreviation GTM (tempered monofilament). Likewise, the composition of the "polyamide alloy" is in constant development. If development results show clear improvements, they flow into series production after extensive testing. Over the years, the STROFT GTM, which undergoes all stages of finishing and tuning, has not only the most important characteristic of knot strength but also sliding friction, static friction, surface hardness, surface smoothness, yield strength, elongation at break, fine load elongation, initial elongation, drill elongation, Sensitivity, feedback, memory, flexibility, smoothness and softness are constantly being improved and optimized.

This means that the right STROFT GTM is available for every type of fishing tackle and for every purpose - with the highest possible linear and knot bearing forces combined with optimum coordination of all other properties. STROFT GTM is the right fishing line for all sport fishermen, for which only the best quality, the No. 1, comes into consideration.