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Ghostbuster 14cm 74g Sinking Jerk Lure

The Ghost Buster is related to the Buster Jerk family and is designed to work in deeper layers of water. Sometimes the Pike will not rise to near the surface to take the lure, and so this is where the Ghost Buster comes in and goes to the pike.

You fish the Ghost Buster as a pull bait. You can easily give the Ghost Buster the same action as you do with a jerk bait, only a little slower! When the pike is not really active and in deep water. Ghost Buster is your lure!

Long cast system type: steel balls
Weight: 73,6 gr
Tension: 20 kg
Hook number: 1/0
water behavior: sinking
Hook manufacturer: OWNER
Length : 140 mm
Hook type: treble hook
Body shape: Jerkbait