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Spro-Freestyle Twitch Worms

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Freestyle Twitch Worms are made from an extremely stretchy and durable TPE material. The material is very buoyant making it the ideal lure for finesse rigs. The uneven and natural shape of the Twitch Worms creates an irregular action even when retrieved evenly. The worm is ideal for jig heads, drop shot rigs and even a freestyle weight wacky rig. Packaged in a re-usable and re-sealable container that locks in the intense aniseed flavour.

Available in 8 Colours

Swipe to see the various colours of the Freestyle Twitch Worm.

Key Features


Stretchy and durable TPE material.


Natural look

3D replica of a worm.


Highly buoyant TPE Material.



Can be combined with many finesse techniques, e.g. the Twitch Worm works very well with a dropshot rig.

Hook Stability

The hook remains stable even under heavy load.