Baracuda Fishing Tackle


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The Cast'X Casting Jig with ultra-fine details! The realistic scale pattern on the belly together with the reflective foil gives the bait a special appeal and realistically imitates a prey fish. The jig is ideal for fishing for predators such as sea trout, cod, etc. in coastal regions and as a gambler for perch in freshwater. Its erupting and unpredictable run is irresistible. It can be offered vertically as well as lined up or jigged.

Available in perfect colours for sea fishing, 21g, 28g,35g 

Fast action for hungry saltwater predators!

The jagged movements paired with the natural design of the Cast'X represent a realistic imitation of small fish.

Cast'X Color Overview

Swipe to see the different colors.

Key Features


Design with foil

Detailed replica of a small feeder fish.



With an iconic eye as an active bite point for predators.



Wide eyelet for maximum play of the bait.


Needle-sharp drilling.