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Sonubaits Supercrush Banofee 2kg

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Irresistibly Beautiful Scent And Flavour!

A versatile mix perfect for use on a method feeder thanks to its fantastic binding qualities but also extremely effective when cupped in on the pole. Contains a blend of high quality fishmeals, crushed expander and biscuit meaning it can be mixed to suit whatever angling situation you are faced with. Smells fantastic due to the addition of our popular Banoffee flavouring.

Sonubaits all-rounder Harry Pardoe says:
"Supercrush Banoffee is the ultimate specimen bream mix and has caught me some of my biggest ever bream in recent years with fish over 10lb falling to this fantastic groundbait. It is full of crushed pellets and biscuit with a medium fishmeal content, that along with the sweet banoffee flavour is hugely appealing to quality fish including big bream."

Mixing Instuctions

Banoffee is simple to mix. Empty the contents into a large mixing bowl or bucke. Using a 2pint bait tub as a measure, fill with water and add to the dry groundbait, mixing thoroughly and ensuring an even distribution throughout the mix. Allow time for the groundbait to absorb the water. Fine tune the mix to your requirements and pass through a riddle to remove any lumps.

Alternatively, you can use a drill and whisk, this is now the preferred method of many of our consultants.