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Sonubaits Pro Expander Pellets, Throw away your bait pump! The Sonubaits Pro Expander pellets don’t need any bait pumps to create the perfect expander pellet. A unique process means that Sonubaits can bring you an expander pellet that no longer needs to be pumped for every pellet to sink! This process allows exclusive ingredients to be infused throughout the pellet. These pellets were designed by England International and world-class angler, Des Shipp. Des wanted an expander pellet that would stay on the hook, and where every pellet you soak created a useable hookbait, which wasn’t the case with most expander pellets on the market. After extensive testing, differing processes of pre-pumping, and fishing tests, we finally managed to create an expander pellet that Des was happy using for all of his soft pellet fishing. “Expanders can be a real pain when you’re fishing. Some spilt, some fall off your hook too easily. I just wanted an easy-to-use expander, and thats what I now have!” Des Shipp, England International. PELLET PREPARATION So, just how easy are Pro Expander pellets to prepare? Simply place your required number of pellets into a bait tub, cover with water, and leave overnight! When you get to your peg, you’ll have perfect expander pellets. It couldn’t be easier. Available in three sizes: 2mm,4mm, 6mm & 8mm.