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Available in eight highly attractive flavours, Krill and Squid, Banoffee, Pineapple and Coconut, Washed Out, Chocolate Orange, Fluoro, Power Scopex and brand new Salted Caramel! Sonubaits Bait Booster liquids have a sweet attractive base and are packed with flavour and feeding stimulants, developed alongside our illustrious team of anglers including Des Shipp and Lee Kerry to give your bait an added boost of flavour when looking to gain that all-important edge when out on the bank. They are also fantastic when looking to fine-tune your pellets or groundbait for moulding around a Method Feeder.Supplied in a generous 800ml bottle, add your required amount of Bait Booster directly to feed pellets, groundbait, hookbaits or your feeder to give an instant hit of powerful flavour. Due to the Bait Boosters viscous properties they can also be used to help add a degree of stickiness to your micro's when looking to load them around a method feeder, whether that be at the start of the session or added throughout the day should your pellets begin to dry out.

Our lineup of Bait Booster liquids just got even stronger with the addition of a Salted Caramel version. Super sweet caramel combined with a hint of saltiness is a big fish combination that is certain to prove popular on the match, coarse and carp scenes. Can be added to groundbait or pellets to give an instant boost of flavour or used as a glug for hookbaits, feeders or PVA bags for an intense hit of flavour before the cast.