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It incorporates a fine hollow tip for great visibility and easy shotting. The wire stem is quite thin to avoid annoying wrap overs and also so the float follows the shot to a degree, quite important I feel especially when using the smaller sizes on the drop. Plus of course the wire gives a bit of stability.

1)The floats name "Canal Punch" is only a name and this float can naturally be used with any bait, I can see me possibly using it for fishing casters on silver fish commercial matches this winter as well as on the fens and canals.

2)These rigs are all hand made in Italy to Simon Willsmore's specifications. All rigs are made with Milo line and Ballabeni shots down to number 13's. This rig uses the Canal Carbon Squatt float which has a wire stem and carbon painted bristle.
One thing that users of the rigs might find unusual is that the rigs are on the winder "the wrong way around " with the loop where you connect your hooklength on the end where the pole anchor is. This is the standard way of storing new rigs in Italy and abroad.
The thinking is that you attach your chosen hooklength to the rig before you remove it from the winder then run the rig up the top kit, cut the line, tie a loop and attach it to your elastic. This way any excess line remains on the winder, I think is a better system rather than unravelling the whole rig first and potentially getting in a tangle.