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Shimano Tranx 301LH bait casting reel

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For the harshest of saltwater environments.

Tranx is built to withstand the harshest saltwater environments. After over a decade of corrosion study, Shimano has developed a reel concept that will deliver long lasting durability and performance for inshore anglers around the world.

The totally new Tranx is designed as a 'working machine for big fish'.

The Tranx is a large baitcasting reel designed with one purpose, to deliver power, and plenty of it. For the large lure specialist, fishing for large fresh water and inshore saltwater predators, the Tranx has no equal with its awesome winding torque and powerful multi-disc drag.$ The Tranx is a special reel for the big boys and if that’s what you’re after you are going to love using it. Never again will you feel under-gunned and underpowered when using the largest crankbaits, outsized swimbaits, or anything else that’s large! Tranx actually feels quite compact in use, and the double handled 300A and 400A sizes run smoothly at 75cm of line per handle turn.

  • Designed for large lure fishing in freshwater or saltwater
  • Perfect for casting big baits and catching big fish
  • Max drag power over 8kg (10kg for ‘A’ models)
  • Core Protect provides long lasting durability in saltwater environments
  • S3D Spool with reliable VBS cast control brake system
  • Type of Reel Bait Casting
  • Maximum Drag Force (kg)10
  • HAGANE Body Yes
  • Line Capacity main spool Nylon(mm-m)(Mono)0.30-235
  • Discipline Detail Baitcasting
  • Weight JP/EU Model g330 g
  • HAGANE Gear No
  • Dyna Balance Yes
  • Line Capacity main spool USA/Power Pro(lb-yd)40-195/50-190/65-125
  • E-I Treatment No
  • Spool Size301
  • Micro Module No
  • Power Roller No
  • Reel Series Name Tranx A
  • Environment Usage S W/FW
  • X-Ship Yes
  • Gear Ratio 5.8:1
  • SW Concept No
  • Line Retrieve/Crank cm75
  • Silent Drive No
  • Handle style (Straight / Crank) Crank

    Mechanical Position B-side

    Line Counter No

    Pinion Gear Material Brass

    Drag Type Star drag

    A side Material Al

    Small Box Yes

    S Compact Body No

    Spool Type S3D

    Spare Handle Knob Shape No

    Open Type Of B-Side Escape hatch

    Handle material Aluminium

    Level wind Yes

    Assist Stopper Yes

    Spool Material Aluminium

    Clampack Yes

    Spool Lock No

    Super free Yes

    B side Material Al

    Drive Gear Material Brass

    Direct level wind Yes

    Material of Drag Washer Carbon

    Handle (Single or Double) Double

    Changeable Handle Knob Yes

    Labyrinth Mechanism No

    Type Of Brake SVS∞

    Main Handle Knob Shape Paddle

    Reel Frame Material Al

    Drag Sound No

    Core Fit Body No

    Bulk No

    Drag Position B-Side

    Retrieve L/R L