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Shimano Nexave FI reels

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The Nexave combines a low starting price with attractive, modern black and blue graphics, making it an excellent starter or improver reel for a wide range of fishing. It also perfectly matches the Nexave lure rod range, making a great looking combo for anglers looking for exceptional value.
Whilst the Nexave isn’t an expensive reel, in fact it is remarkably affordable, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great performer. If you are new to fishing, or want a cost effective second reel, you’ll be delighted with the Nexave. Whichever model you choose, from the super small 1000 size up to the powerful 5000 size, you will appreciate the smoothness that Shimano reels deliver. It’s a feeling of quality that isn’t often found at such a low price point, which is why Nexave is one of the best selling low priced reels available.
The G-Free Body of the Nexave is exactly the same design that is used on much higher priced Shimano reels. This design places the internal workings higher in the body, which moves the centre of gravity closer to the rod. The result is better balance and less fatigue when using the reel for a long time. The 3 Shielded Stainless Steel ball bearings (plus an additional roller bearing) ensure the reel runs smoothly, even when under pressure and the drag is easily adjustable and can comfortably deal with larger than expected fish. Also included on the Nexave is an AR-C spool which makes them suitable for fishing with both mono and braided line. The specially designed angled spool lip allows the line to freely leave the spool in smaller coils, with less friction, to make longer and more accurate casts. Whether new to fishing or after your next PB, the Nexave range is an affordable, exciting choice.

Size C5000
Version C5000 HG
Weight (g) 305
Line Retrieve Crank (cm) 98
Gear Ratio 5.8
Line Capacity / Nylon Mono (mm-m) 0.35-175, 0.40-120
Ball Bearing Total Amount 3/1
Spare Spool Code 101QL