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Shimano Curado K 301 Low Profile Baitcaster Reel

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The Curado reel family has been around for years and rightly so. Every version has offered an enviable balance of cost and performance, and the largest-sized Curado 300/301 is no different. Designed for larger lures, especially high resistance crank baits where more cranking power is required, the Curado 300/301 is a tough powerhouse you can always trust.
There are many variations of the Curado family, but if you are looking for a larger baitcasting reel to cope with big lures and big fish the Curado 300/301 size is where it’s at. If you are a big fish specialist, don’t ignore the 300, it’s a beast! Packed with some of Shimano’s top gear technology, and designed with a low-profile that sits snugly to the rod, you’ll instantly feel in control with a Curado 300/301. They cast great, feel solid and smooth, and fight like a demon when the pressure is on.
All Curado 300/301 models have a tough aluminium HAGANE Body finished in a matt black colour. But don’t be fooled by the understated appearance (which looks great on any rod), inside is a drive train to match the toughest challenge. X-SHIP technology delivers powerful winding performance and enhances the silky smooth rotation. The inclusion of a powerful Cross Carbon Drag tells you all you need to know about the power these winching machines possess. When it comes to casting, the vibration reducing S3D is controlled by Shimano’s well established VBS technology which is simple to adjust and easy to use.

Version 301
Size 300
Retrieve (L/R) Left
Weight (g) 300
Line Retrieve Crank (cm) 63
Gear Ratio 4.7
Ball Bearing Total Amount 5/1
Environment Usage SW/FW