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Shimano Corvalus 401 Round Profile Baitcaster Reel

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The Corvalus is a versatile, medium-large sized round profile reel offering fantastic value for money and mass market appeal. The tough aluminium HAGANE Body is accompanied by aluminium side plates, spool and handle making it as hard on the fish, as it is easy on your pocket.
The Corvalus offers great value for money combined with a rugged build quality that is trusted throughout the world. In tropical countries it is often used for mid-sized saltwater pelagic fish like tuna and snapper and if it can cope with them, it can also cope with anything freshwater can offer up. If you are a large lure fan, you’ll appreciate the way it casts and retrieves the largest of crankbaits, or outsized swimbaits. If you prefer trolling, it has all the power you need to overcome the largest pike and for occasional saltwater fishing the Corvalus can be slotted seamlessly into many light and medium set-ups.
The Corvalus uses a lot of aluminium in its tough construction. Hagane Body, side plates, spool and handle are all crafted from this strong, but lightweight metal, which is also protected against saltwater corrosion.
Casting is controlled by Shimano VBS (Variable Brake System), which can be adjusted to suit your lure size, conditions and casting style to prevent overruns. This makes it especially good for less experienced anglers. The fact that it comes with three A-RB bearings alongside a stainless steel roller bearing makes it even more appealing. All things considered, the Corvalus has a lot to offer the large lure fan and inexperience angler alike.

Version 401
Size 400
Retrieve (L/R) Left
Weight (g) 335
Line Retrieve Crank (cm) 56
Gear Ratio 5.2
Ball Bearing Total Amount 3/1
Environment Usage SW/FW