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Sensas Super Black Bream Ground-Bait

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Fine particle size, slightly sticky groundbait perfect for targeting bream and skimmers on tough venues especially where pike are a nuisance.

Discover the secret behind successful fishing with Sensas 3000 Lure Feed. This versatile and ready-to-use groundbait is available in several varieties and can be easily mixed with other baits. The bait has irresistible appeal thanks to carefully selected ingredients, and it is suitable for different types of fishing. Increase your chances of a good catch with Sensas 3000 Lure Feed!

Sensas 3000 Groundbait (1kg)

  • Available in several varieties
    - Ready-made bait
    - Easy to mix with other baits
    - Attractive action
    - Suitable for different types of fishing

    WEIGHT (KG) : 1 STICKY POWER : 2.5/5 RICH : 2.5/5 SIZE PARTICLES : 2/5 COLOR WET : BLACK FISH : Bream, Roach, Tench SEASON : All WATER QUANTITY (CL) : DE 45 À 50