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Savage Gear SG6 BC Reel

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Pure power in a compact package – that’s what predator anglers can expect from the SG6 BC reel, the size 300 is now also available. This stylish reel has been designed to excel at casting both medium and large lures, thanks to its lightweight design and finely tuned parts – giving you maximum versatility. The compact and ergonomically designed body featuring strong aluminium frame and side plates gives the angler great leverage to battle even the biggest of fish, while the unique Line-ID feature allows you to mark which line you’re fishing with to help keep you organised.

A powerful and effective centrifugal brake made with four shoes that gives you total control of your cast. It precisely slows the oscillation of the spool towards the end of the cast to prevent backlash – tangles when casting will be a thing of the past

Get a quicker indication of how hard a fish is fighting with our unique baitcaster drag clicker. When a fish takes line, you will get an audible indication from the clicker so you can adjust how you fight it accordingly, resulting in far fewer lost fish

This is our, unique, proprietary grease developed especially for Savage Gear reels that protects the gearing from corrosion and wear. The grease is steam resistant, water and saltwater resistant and operates between -30˚C to 160˚C, which should cover just about any fishing situation on planet Earth. It’s also biodegradable. With Dura Grease, reels will perform at their best for longer

Friction Control System 1 This drag system uses oiled, felt drag washers, which offer a smooth and strong performance

K-Alloy rotors bodies are made from extremely strong and robust Aluminium – a material which is not only lightweight, but also incredibly rigid. This rigidity means they will not deform under stress, preventing damage to internal parts. K-Alloy bodies stand for superb durability and reliability in a reel

• EDP painted aluminium frame and side plates
• Non-loss tension knob
• Separate stainless reel seat
• External centrifugal brake
• DuraGrease
• 5+1 steel ball bearings
• Soft-touch rubber handle knob
• Brass worm shaft
• Two different gear ratios available
• Line-ID
• Dragclicker


A diecast gearing system for long-lasting and durable performance. It smoothy and efficiently transfers power from the handle directly to the reel’s rotor

A machine-cut brass pinion and/or drive gear for maximum performance and durability. It smoothy and efficiently transfers power from the handle directly to the reel’s rotor


300 LH 5+1 BB 248G 5.6:1 320M/0.28MM 70CM 9KG

300 LH 5+1 BB 248G 7.3:1 320M/0.28MM 91CM 9KG