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Savage Gear SG10 BC reel

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Representing the very best of Savage Gear technology and innovation, the flagship SG10 baitcasting reel is now available in a right hand version and is also loaded with smart ideas to help you achieve your angling goals. Besides the obvious impressive features, such as 9+1 stainless steel ball bearings, a machined gear, DuraGrease and a super strong and rigid aluminium body and side plate, the real standout highlight is the external centrifugal brake. This brake results in easier casting and playing fish, increased casting distance, a reduction in knots and tangles and less trouble when casting in strong crosswinds. This reel series is also versatile – capably of casting lures from five grams and upwards, making it ideal for black bass and pike with medium lures and also zander and perch with smaller, lighter lures. Once you try the SG10, you’ll never look back.

• EDP painted aluminium frame and side plates
• Non-loss tension knob
• Separate stainless reel seat
• External centrifugal brake
• DuraGrease
• 9+1 steel ball bearings (including two ARB Japanese BB)
• Carbon handle knob
• A7075 hard anodized worm shaft
• Two different gear ratios available
• Line-ID

A powerful and effective centrifugal brake made with six shoes that gives you total control of your cast. It precisely slows the oscillation of the spool towards the end of the cast to prevent backlash – tangles when casting will be a thing of the past

Get a quicker indication of how hard a fish is fighting with our unique baitcaster drag clicker. When a fish takes line, you will get an audible indication from the clicker so you can adjust how you fight it accordingly, resulting in far fewer lost fish

This is our, unique, proprietary grease developed especially for Savage Gear reels that protects the gearing from corrosion and wear. The grease is steam resistant, water and saltwater resistant and operates between -30˚C to 160˚C, which should cover just about any fishing situation on planet Earth. It’s also biodegradable. With Dura Grease, reels will perform at their best for longer

A proprietary oil developed especially for Savage Gear that offers excellent protection for the components of a reel against corrosion and wear. Dura Oil works by creating a special film around treated parts, which shields them from a whole host of hostile forces including damage, debris, water and wear

A special coating process that is a cross between anodising and painting that generates a corrosion-resistant surface on metal parts. It uses a water-based paint emulsion, which is much kinder to the environment compared to the usual materials used in anodising and offers an eye-catching finish

Friction Control System 3 The washers used in this drag system are made in a three-layer design – a fibreglass layer with a carbon fibre layer on either side. This gives the washers unrivalled stiffness resulting in an ultra-smooth and powerful, fish-stopping drag. The washers can also be flipped over and used on either side, extending their lifespan significantly. One of the premier drag systems used in Savage Gear reels

K-Alloy rotors bodies are made from extremely strong and robust Aluminium – a material which is not only lightweight, but also incredibly rigid. This rigidity means they will not deform under stress, preventing damage to internal parts. K-Alloy bodies stand for superb durability and reliability in a reel

A smart dial that allows you quickly mark what kind of line you have spooled onto a specific reel. You can note both the breaking strain of the line in lbs and also the diameter – super useful if you fish with multiple set-ups

Precision Cut Gearing means that the gear inside the reel is produced from one solid piece of metal during manufacturing – whether that’s stainless steel, brass or Aluminium. This results in a stronger, more precise gearbox inside the reel, which offers long-lasting performance even under the toughest conditions

One place on a reel where you can’t compromise on strength and stability is the handle. That’s why we have created this super-strong carbon handle, which gives you extreme cranking power and momentum the moment you start reeling in, as well as stability and a lightweight construction you can depend on

A diecast gearing system for long-lasting and durable performance. It smoothy and efficiently transfers power from the handle directly to the reel’s rotor

A diecast gearing system for long-lasting and durable performance. It smoothy and efficiently transfers power from the handle directly to the reel’s rotor

A machine-cut brass pinion and/or drive gear for maximum performance and durability. It smoothy and efficiently transfers power from the handle directly to the reel’s rotor


250 RH 9+1 BB(2ARB) 188G 6.6:1 180M/0.25MM 70CM 11.3KG

250 RH 9+1 BB(2ARB) 188G 8.8:1 180M/0.25MM 85CM 11.3KG

250 LH 9+1 BB(2ARB) 188G 6.6:1 180M/0.25MM 70CM 11.3KG

250 LH 9+1 BB(2ARB) 188G 8.8:1 180M/0.25MM 85CM 11.3KG