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Savage Gear Monster Slug

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Savage Gear Monster Slug is a genuine precision tool for going after the largest predators, such as pike and large zander, with vertical jigs! The lure moves in a highly attractive pattern even with minor rod pulls and is easy to control. The split tail and body shape of Monster Slug are highly effective. You can use Slug like a jerk or twitching lure, occasionally breaking the surface of the water. Savage Gear is known for highly effective lures and Monster Slug is an extremely good example of their products! A must-have for any vertical jigging enthusiast. The range includes effective colorways for various situations.

The original Monster Slug is back, now featuring inside paint, an air-filled rear body, and large built-in glass rattle to make it really stand out – not only on modern echo sounders but also in the catch rate. Rig it for vertical fishing, or on a shallow rig for twitching in the shallows. This lure has an incredible track record for catching giant zander and huge pike.

• Inside paint
• Air-filled rear body
• Built-in rattle
• UV active