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Savage Gear Mag Sandeel Surf Walker 210mm-41g

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Based on the perfect 3D Scan of a real Sandeel. The long slender Strong Hard ABS body has the most incredible side-to-side action on the twitch and a slim S-curve action on a straight retrieve. The Floating version has a horizontal balance. slightly keeping the head upon the spin stop – creating the perfect wounded baitfish profile. The long cast design is silent – the perfect topwater lure for more wary predator fish. Fishing Method: Slow twitching while retrieving and the lure will perform wide slow side to side action, and with fast-twitch will perform fast and sharp side to side action. With the rod tip high and fast retrieve, the lure will perform skipping action imitating a feeling Prey fish.

  • 3D Scanned details
  • Multiple action styles
  • Floating, silent version
  • Long cast design
  • Ultra sharp ST46 trebles