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Savage Gear 3D Real Eel 40cm 147g

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A great predatory fish bait that is available in many different catchy colors and sizes.

This lifelike 3D Real Eel with its large, lively twister tail has a pronounced kicking action when continuously retrieving or raising and 
lowering and imitates an escape movement that can entice even a cautious predator to bite. 
A catchy bait that can be used variably on predatory fish and catfish in freshwater, but also on marine predators such as Norway in saltwater. 
Choose from many fantastic colors and sizes.

Features of Savage Gear 3D Real Eel

  • Top bait for pike, catfish, zander and other larger predatory fish/also in salt water
  • good for casting, vertical fishing and trolling
  • lovely swimming action at the slowest speed
  • perfect for replacing tail for Miuras Mouse or other lures similar if you need a bigger lure 
  • bulk packed, only body no stingers
  • 40cm 147g loose body