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Salmo Sweeper 17 Limited

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Salmo SWEEPER belongs to a whole new generation of gliders. It glides further to the sides than typical lures of this kind and requires less effort from the angler.

SWEEPER’s wide glides and 180 degree turns also cause this lure to ’shimmy’ its sides, a little quirk that drives predators into a frenzy.

The fantastic weak or wounded prey fish action is possible due to the unique shape and perfect balance of the lure’s body.

The goal of fishing a Sweeper is to imitate a baitfish that is injured or is very weak. Their confused state makes them dart in one direction then simply glide in the water to re-gain their strength and then they dart in another. This fast to slow action is what a predator fish is looking for in an easy meal. You can cast or troll a Sweeper, but casting gives you the best ability to vary the retrieve techniques to get a strike. To make the Sweeper glide, you simply start with your rod tip pointed at the horizon, you then snap your rod tip downward then pause, snap it again and the lure will dart the other direction and glide. The length of time between your snaps and the briskness of your rod snap will control how wide of a glide the bait will make. For this reason a rod with a stiff tip is preferred when fishing this lure. The Salmo Sweeper is a slow sinking lure specifically designed for this type of fishing since this is exactly what injured baitfish do, they slowly start to sink. You can expect most of your strikes to occur just after you snap the bait and it is gliding or almost standing completely still. Be sure to watch the Sweeper water in the water if you can. Often times you will watch the bait gliding and the fish attack, it is one of easiest and more most enjoyable lures you will ever fish.

  • Brilliant glide bait with a great side-to-side action
  • Sinking version of classic Salmo lure
  • Length: 17cm/6-3/4"
  • Weight: 97g/3-2/5qz
  • Perfect for subsurface walk the dog presentation in shallower water situations
  • Diving depth Cast/Trolling  1,0/1,0m - 3,5/3,5ft