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Salmo Minnow Floating lures

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Despite the fact that this is one of the oldest lures in the Salmo family, a lot of anglers are still mesmerized by this classic lure.

It is characterized by fairly narrow and high frequency action and is a universal lure that can be fished in many ways to suit your preference. Ideal for catching all predatory fish, in all kinds of habitats, the MINNOW is available in floating and sinking variants.

Loads of anglers are using this lure for perch, trout and even pike,

Size 7cm - 2-3/4" 6g -  3/16oz  Diving Depth: 1/1,5m - 3,5/5ft

Size 6cm - 2-3/8`` 4g - 1/8oz  Diving Depth 0,5/1m - 1,5/3.5ft

Size  5cm - 2" 3g 1/16oz  Diving Depth: 0,5/1,0m - 1,5/3,5ft