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Ringers The Edge Ground-Bait

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Created mainly for margin fishing, with Big fish in mind, it’s a heavy nut based mix with a strong nutty aroma. Steve designed this mix to sit on the bottom in margin swims along the theory that it wouldn’t be moved out of the swim when big fish get feeding. He made it heavy to stop it being wafted away from the feeding hotspot, so giving the angler a better chance of keeping the larger fish within margin range.

Ringers The Edge Margin Mix is a 2kg nut-based groundbait that is made for fishing along the edge and catching big fish.

This heavy mix has a strong smell of nuts and is made to stay on the bottom in margin swims, even when big fish are eating.

The Edge Margin Mix was made so that the bait doesn’t get moved from where the fish are eating. This increases your chances of keeping bigger fish within margin range, which makes fishing more successful.