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Ringers Sweet Fishmeal Feeder Ground-Bait

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The Ringers Feeder Mix Sweet is a very sweet, very high quality and irresistible feeder mix for whitefish and carp. The mix has been manufactured from the best fish meal available on the market today, where the extremely fine structure ensures that the prepared feed falls easily from the feeder and spreads the aromas through all the water layers. Steve Ringer has proved on countless occasions that his baits make a difference, especially on the more difficult commercial waters during competitions!

- Very sweet, very high quality feeder mix
- Contents: 1kg
- Mix made from the best fishmeal available on the market
- Extremely fine structure
- Falls easily and quickly from the feeder when underwater
- Irresistible to large bream, tench, roach and carp
- A real killer on commercial waters
- Steve Ringer has proven numerous times with his baits to make the difference!