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Ringers Boilie Crush

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Off to the lake for a bit of Coarse Fishing? Needing to catch a new PB? You could benefit from changing up your bait to a higher quality with Ringers Boilie Crush.

The Ringers company is a family run company headed up by Phil Ringer, but his brother, Steve Ringer is a big name to the angling community as he is arguably the best commercial match angler in the UK. If Steve can offer advice to what makes a successful bait, the Ringers bait products are surely going to guarantee you success on match day. The company’s extensive knowledge in match fishing has made the Ringers company a household name in the world of match fishing. Ringers started out with a range of pellets and now has extended to many popular items like groundbaits, baiting tools, expanders, bait pumps, hook baits and a large array of accessories.

These Ringers Boilie Crushes are the perfect way to boost your chosen bait. Whether it be ground bait or pellets, the crush can increase your chances of getting more bites. This bait is ideal for Carp, Tench, Bream and Skimmers fish as well as performing best in commercial and natural venues.

The crush tells you exactly what to do on the tin, you use the cap off the top of the tub to measure out two portions of crush to add to your pint of ground bait or pellets. With a two cap to one-pint ratio, the crush is easily dispersed amongst your bait and these instructions prevent you from wasting the product by adding too much. Ringers have kindly already given you the perfect balance unlike out bait additives that let you experiment until you find the right balance. Alternatively, you can simply use with your usual mix to give it an extra boost.

You get 300ml per pot and this is securely stored in the screw top lid, hard plastic container. The transparent plastic of the container lets you see the brightness of the crush before even opening, this may make finding the crush a lot easier when buried in the bottom of your bag.

The crush comes in three different colours that all have the sweet chocolatey scent: Orange, Yellow and Pink. Each one of the three colours is radiant, transforming the brightness of your bait in seconds! How attractive your bait will be being a bright yellow, orange or pink whilst oozing the scent of chocolate.  A Carp will be lapping your bait up in no time.

So why no consider maximising your chances the next match you have with the Ringers Boilie Crush.