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SPRO Passion RD 630 reel

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Box Contents: 1 roll ball bearings: 5 + 1 Gear Ratio: 5.0: 1 Line setting: 230/0.24 Weight: 303g 5 ball bearings + 1 roller bearing one way clutch, infinite backstop Plastic Roller casing and rotor S-Curve drive extra lightweight headband with titanium coating Super sturdy Line Management System Aluminium Spool with cord clip balanced rotor CNC aluminium crank with T-bar handle button extremely finely adjustable multi-disc rear drag SPRO passion 630 RD 230/0.24 303g These reels 1105630 range has been designed and designd by people who have a passion for the sea fishing. You will receive one roll of the highest quality, produced to the highest standards in of international competition, and all this for a very attractive price. The Passion wheels have a special rubber coating which gives user with a soft and Angenehmkomfortables feel to drill. These reels are it's a treat for the eyes.