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'A new series Tuff-Luv body stationary reels with a perfect head brake. Here is the sister of the already legendary RedArc, of the Nova This is the absolute culmination in reel program 2006 by SPRO. Nova wheels are different and above all, its high quality checks during production: Absolute high-quality Japanese. Also are the Nova wheels, out thanks to its special Tuff body aluminium material Extremely to twisting. To the One in the wheeled base incorporated rubber cushion provide an additional comfort during the cold days or for intensive fishing or canals. But you can also do more.... Nova castors are fitted with a precision manufactured to the tolerance like this in the spool, the rotor and the handle could be kept to an absolute minimum (Zero Tolerance) the aluminum brake button with rubber inlay has been worked in a completely new "top nudge" technology which makes the brake a lot Präzieser set perfect for (the you can hear and feel). It of the Nova with rolls with two aluminium long cast spools gelifert which double as multi filament ropes are easy to apply.. The aluminium CNC handle with matching Gummigelagertem crank knob are extremely reliable and the Härstesten drill will too. Spool Capacity 150 m 0.28 mm 6 ball bearings 1 roller bearing weight 343g gear ratio 5.0: 1 anti-reverse Tuff body aluminium housing perfectly balanced aluminium rotor teardrop anti-twist line roller system with extra strong clip multi-disc "Top nudge Rear braking system Rubber Pad on the wheeled base for a perfect for fixing the roll two aluminium spools Special line protector line clip on spool CNC aluminium crank and a rubber loaded handle button open to the left and right hand operation possible