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Rapala Countdown Elite

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The CountDown® Elite harnesses over 80 years of lure making craftmanship into a premium balsa lure. It features the legendary controlled slow-sinking method of the original CountDown®. The new CountDown® Elite is built with a modern construction for maximum casting distance and accuracy, improved durability and versatility - and a flutter on the drop. The color patterns combine metallic plating, HD printing and new designs, bringing the look to a totally new level.


  • Balsa Body
  • Heavy-Duty Split Rings
  • Wire-Through Construction
  • Targeted for Trout and Perch
  • VMC® 7554 Black Nickel Hook

  Code                   Running Depth           Size               Weight        Hooks

CDE55 0.9-1.2 m 5.5 cm 5 g Two No. 12
CDE75 1.2-1.5 m 7.5 cm 10 g Two No. 10