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Prologic Airbomb 

Delivers your bait without surface impact.

The Prologic Airbomb allows you to control your baiting patterns like never before.

Achieve tight baiting and spread baiting without disturbance, as the Airbomb releases

without surface impact. Airbomb’s unique trigger opening allows you to do it all. Fast scoop

design allows you to fill with one hand and loading is quick and easy. The streamlined

aerodynamic body assures you of maximum distance and precision accuracy. We

recommend the use of a 4 to 5lb test curve spod rod and reel that is loaded with 45lb braid

and carries a shock leader of 50lb when casting the Airbomb.

  • Unloaded weight 74 gram / 2.61oz.

  • Approximate loaded weight 180 gram / 6.34oz.

  • No surface impact.

  • Easy and quick to fill.

  • Aerodynamic.