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Stormshield Side Tray - Standard

The standard Stormshield Side Tray is the perfect choice for lovers of the feeder technique because it has been crafted with several key features that make it an essential product.

Stormshield is equipped with our incredibly stable and strong OffBox clamping blocks, so they perform that this side tray does not require a support leg. However, if heavy buckets or a large amount of bait are to be used, the deck comes with an additional block to insert a leg (not supplied). The clamping blocks are fully adjustable in width to fit any leg size and thanks to the supplied inserts you can use it on 23mm, 25mm, 30mm or 36mm without insert.

Thanks to the large internal storage space it can contain bait boxes and EVA containers, while the liftable lid is characterized by internal pockets, ideal for the storage of small objects or terminal boxes and by two latest generation Twist Grip arms, which allow to position the lid at any angle to better protect your baits.
Dimensions: W60cm, D40cm, 

Stormshield Side Tray - XL

The XL version of the popular Stormshield Side Tray has all the same design features as the standard model, but allows for larger quantities of bait to be placed inside. To better support the greater capacity of this larger model, the platter is equipped with a 36 mm telescopic support leg and associated fixing block.

Dimensions: W65cm, D50cm