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Preston Innovation OFFBOX36 PRO FEEDER ARM

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The OffBox 36 Pro Feeder Arm's unique design makes it one of the strongest and most stable feeder arms on the market. It has dual fixing points and anti-snag knuckles, increasing stability and efficiency. England Feeder Team Manager Tommy Pickering had a big input into the design and personally rates it as the lsquo;best feeder arm he's ever used', high praise indeed!

The OffBox 36 Pro Feeder Arm is incredibly easy to adjust and position to provide you with the perfect position, increasing bite indication and striking efficiency.

  • Snap Lok Dutch Master Feeder Rest
  • Dual Fixing points
  • Anti-Snag hand wheels
  • Inserts supplied: 25mm Round, 23mm OnBox
  • Dimensions: l: 820MM w: 575mm
  • OffBox 36 Adaptability