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The Mag Store System is our latest fixed-size system for the storage of terminals, available in three sizes from 10 cm to 38 cm.

These Mag Store boxes are supplied without internal removable slats to allow custom composition using the pre-tied Mag Store terminals, each slat can be placed in any preset position within the box.

The different types of terminals wrapped on the Mag Store slats can be purchased separately and added to the box in seconds.

Our Mag Store system is full of technical solutions that allow the transport and total protection of your terminals in every situation. Thanks to the rubber gasket, the container box resists bad weather keeping its interior always dry, each stick is equipped with two retention magnets and has a surface dedicated to the rapid identification of the type of terminal. We have built this system with high quality materials, from the impact resistant plastic casing to the stainless steel hinges to provide you with the ultimate terminal holder.

  • 4 inch - Suitable for 10cm rig sticks
  • 6 inch - Suitable for 15cm rig sticks (Can also accept 10cm Rig Sticks)
  • 8 inch - Suitable for 30&38cm rig sticks (Can also accept 10cm and 15cm Rig Sticks)