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PikeCraft Flex-Pin Double Stinger

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The FLEX PIN Stinger Double Rig  NEW2023 2x Stinger Rig with BKK BT621-SS Treble Hook

The extended version of the Flex Stinger M is now also available as a L - variant with AFW wire 90lbs. Leader extension.

This stinger with the flexible first pin is perfect for lures that have a higher or misshapen head shape or very slim lures like the Pig Shad in 20cm. The pin can then be stabbed back at an angle to take the tension between the lure and the stinger and gives a secure hold in the lure due to the S-Curved pin.

All Stinger Systems are suitable for The System Shallow Screw simply pull the oval Springering over the Screw and ready, no more pliers necessary and the easy change of the Stinger between the baits is only possible with our systems "Fish Flexible...Fish The System".

  • Stainless Steel Stinger System 1.2mm with flexible Bait-Holder Pin/Spike
  • Additional Drilling with 80lbs AFW Steel Leader
  • AFW Single Barrel Crimps Copper Crimp Sleeves
  • Bait Pin L Stinger Spikes 2 snap rings (45kg) | 1 snap ring oval
  • 2 each extra sharp BKK Spear Super Slide BT621-SS 
  • Developed and Made in Germany
  • 2 Stingers per Pack
  • Available in sizes L lure size 16-20cm, XL lure size 22-27cm, XXL lure size 22-30cm