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PikeCraft Double Swivel Stinger Rig

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Fish Flexible...Fish the System! The stinger rigs from Pikecraft are of the highest quality Made in Germany and above all one thing: absolutely well thought out, easy to assemble and a must for every big bait fisherman. The Double Swivel Stinger Rig is constructed with a double swivel at the front end, which allows the hook system to rotate freely after being released from the rubber bait, thus reducing the drop-out rate during the fight. The rig fits on the Pikecraft Shallow Screws and sounds easy and quick to assemble. Made in Germany and equipped with BKK treble hooks.
• Size L: suitable for baits from 18 - 23cm Hook Size 1/0

• Size XL: suitable for baits from 19 - 25cm Hook Size 2/0

• Equipped with BKK BT621-SS Treble hook