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Owner Pro Wire-Rig (dead bait traces)

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The Owner Pro Wire Series Snap Tackle is probably the best quality dead bait rig available on the market today. The distance between the hooks can be adjusted to suit you dead bait size. Nylon coated 30lb wire armed with Owner ST3BC trebles.

The Owner Pro Wire Rig is a 30lb breaking strain stainless steel wire pike trace, ideally suited for pike dead baiting tactics.

This rig is made up from a nylon coated 7 strand wire and includes two Owner ST36BC treble hooks that are tough and ultra sharp.

The wire has a 50cm length and includes a swivel for connecting to your mainline and helps reduces line twist.

The Owner Pro Wire Rig is available in various sizes for you to choose from. There is two wire rigs supplied per pack.

Sizes 2-6