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Owner Penny Hook 50921

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The Owner 50921 Penny hook is a beautiful little hook!

The best way to describe it is as a fine wire long shank Wormer!

As with our other Owner hooks these come out a size larger than stated. So the size 10 Penny is equivalent to a size 8 Sasame or Sabpolo Wormer, and the size 12 Penny equivalent to a 10.

  • Eyed
  • Size 10 - 0.46mm Gauge wire
  • Size 12 - 0.41mm Gauge wire
  • Size 14 - 0.37mm Gauge wire
  • Size 16 - 0.28mm Gauge Wire

Match eye end hook made from very thin wire. For live baits.

Perfect for maggots, pinkys, redworm