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MK Quattro Seatbox Fishing 1000 S

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MK P 1000 S is the smallest basket in the series, this is the most recent generation basket designed and built in Italy using only Italian materials. It is the ideal product for all those who want a light but at the same time indestructible and capacious basket. Thanks, in fact, to a compartment 40 mm high placed below the seat cushion, which added to the compartment under the lid, they obtained a total capacity of 65 mm. Also on this model the seat cushion is built with a very comfortable memory gel.

• Stool with shelf• Compartment under pillow h 40 ABS• Memory cushion• 2 Telescopic legs Ø 30 L 500 mm.• 2 Fixed legs Ø 30 L 500 mm.• Shoulder strap

As product are made in Italy - Take 2 weeks to be here.