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MK Quattro Extreme Platform

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MK4 EXTRIM PLATFORM Made entirely of tig welded aluminum and painted with epoxy powder, a very sturdy and stable platform but extremely light in the context. External dimensions 940x750 mm - Internal dimensions 900x710 mm Front legs Ø 30 mm h. 800 mm telescopic with cup-shaped aluminum foot. Rear legs Ø 30 mm h 500 mm xed with cup-shaped aluminum foot. The platform is constructed in such a way as to be able to use the tow. EXTREME PLATFORM: It is built entirely of tig-welded aluminum and characterized by epoxy powder coating. This platform is really strong and stable, remaining at the same time very light-weighting. External dimensions: 940x750 mm - Internal dimensions: 900x710 mm Front legs are telescopic and they end with an aluminum cup foots. Legs' dimensions:

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