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By far most anglers wouldn’t even leave the house without having added one or two products to the bait they have chosen. The reason for that is very simple. Anglers believe that the additive of their choice will attract even more of the fish that are swimming around to where they are fishing. It is that belief that increases the confidence with which anglers use their bait and CONFIDENCE, that is the magic word in our sport.

Powder-additives are most widely used with bait. They are available in all kinds and sorts.

Van den Eynde also has a wide range of powder additives that can all be used very similarly.

The best way to use these powder additives is to either dissolve them in the water you use to moisten the bait with or to simply mix the dry additives with the dry bait before you moisten that.

Bags 250g powder 

Available in Strawberry, Caramel, Vanilla,