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Mainline Hi-Visual Pop-ups

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Our Hi-Visual range of super-buoyant 15mm pop-ups, are available in seven different colours, and flavours - but the possibilities to utilise these qualities are quite simply endless…


Perhaps the pinnacle of high-attract baits Mainline’s Hi-Visual Pop-Ups have been each been designed with reliability in mind: reliably buoyant, reliably bright colours, reliable flavour leakage and perhaps most importantly a reliable palatability that no carp can resist!

Our experience and range palatable liquid flavours, enhancers and attractors have enabled us to give these pop-ups a ‘double strength’ flavour boost. Not only does this make these superb pop-ups suitably for all fishing situations the whole year through – it also makes these baits a fantastic option for winter fishing and high-attract single hook-bait tactics. 

Bright Yellow - Pineapple Juice
Bright Pink - Fruitella
Bright Orange - Tutti Frutti
Bright White - Milky Toffee

Available in 250ml tubs 50pc